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We love Sci-fi, but we don’t need cliché, done-to-death themes (though we understand only a few ideas are original). Sci-fi Visionaries (SFV) is a movement dedicated elevating the science fiction and fantasy genres to new heights.

We want to produce our own content and provide quality material for other providers to use, such as Syfy channel, Amazon, Netflix and more. Head to our Visionary Store to find our current and upcoming content.


Our goal is to scale quickly, so we want to establish strong partnerships and a large following along all mediums. If you’re passionate about this genre and you want to see more extraordinary content, the type that inspires people, advances societies and improves who we are as individuals – then join our visionary army and together – we can build worlds!


Being an early stage start-up, we are focusing our efforts primarily (but not exclusively) at the source of all great stories – books. This is the medium where all the magic is born, unburdened by demands of high budgets and time frames, the mind is free to fully explore. As we build momentum, our aim is to move into film and TV.

You see those once in a lifetime books and films that defines a genre and becomes timeless classics? Dune, Hyperion, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, the foundation series… Well, what if they didn’t have to come along so infrequently? When we create our science fiction, that’s the goal we have in mind—to constantly provide people with that feeling of ’I gained so much by consuming this.’ We always want our work to be entertaining, but we want people to gain something from it. Something that will inspiring them, improve their relationships and teach them lessons that they can pass onto their kids. Because that’s exactly what science fiction has done for us.


When I was a kid, my mother had an opportunity to teach in the UK and moved our family to London. I remember hearing of the streets being paved with gold, people dressed in fancy clothes I had never seen before, and I fantasised about being in the snow. Then we arrived – the streets were mean – with no gold, and after I nearly froze to death I had no further love for the snow. But I found my passion, it was the desire to explore new cultures, new societies…new worlds.

But then my ambition grew. I dreamt to going to far away galaxies, to see alien civilisations. Science is not capable of accomplishing this…but through stories, we can explore endless possibilities.

I believe that science fiction makes the world better place. It shines a spotlight on our morality and beliefs, and challenges us to be better…be more. That’s why I decided to become a writer and produce science fiction and fantasy content.


I’m just a Trinidadian born, London raised writer attempting to carve my place in the creative world, hoping to prove myself worthy. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering and have worked primarily in the telecommunications sector.

My area of fondness is in the realms of microelectronics and energy harvesting. Currently I’m designing devices that harvest solar, RF, thermoelectric, piezoelectric and kinetic energy via electronic induction. You’ll find elements of my electronics work in my writing. When I can find spare time between work, science and science fiction, I help out at a local charity which mentor youth; teaching them how to avoid gangs and empowering them with essential life skills to allow them to succeed in education, the workplace and establish healthy relationships. As part of my charity work, I conduct research using systems theory and social science in order to improve society for the disadvantage.

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